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Full Name: Alice Bell O'Neil

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Nicknames: Ally and Bell
Donatello's Nickname For Alice: My Princess (because she is Donnie's Princess)

Personality: Brilliant,nice,sweet,caring,kind hearted,beautiful,patient,bookworm,inventor and non judgmentally  

Birthday: October 31th,1995

Sign: Libra

Age: 17

Height: 5'9"

Weight: Thin

Family: Dr O'Neil (Father),April O'Neil (Older Sister)

Friends: Leonardo,Mikey,Raphael,Casey,Splinter,Vern,Emily

Enemies: Karai,Shredder,Baxter Stockman,Kraang,Rocksteady,Bebop,Eric Sacks

Crush later Boyfriend: Donatello Hamato

Appearance: Brown hair,green eyes,pink lips,purple eyeshadow,purple nails,pink blush,black mascara,blue eyeliner,purple belted mini dress,blue tights,black and brown boots,star and crescent moon earrings,turtle pendant,black lace fingerless gloves,purple glasses,floral lace long sleeve shrug.

Hobbies: Reading,Inventing,listening to music,spending time with Donnie

Loves: Donatello,animals,music,science,technology,inventing,children,chocolate,sweets,pizza,her sisters and her friends.

Dislikes: Nightmares,bullies,rude people,anyone who hurts animals or children,anyone who judges others for different,April with Donnie,Baxter Stockman and Shredder  

Fears: Fire and lighting

Martial Arts: Ninjutsu

Weapon of Choice: None

Location: New York

Languages: English and japanese

Favorite Flower: Roses and violets

Favorite Colors: Blue,green and purple

Favorite Holidays: Halloween (Cause she was born on Halloween) and christmas

Favorite Foods: Chinese and pizza

Favorite Animals: Turtles and cats

Background: 2014: Alice and her sister April started working for Channel 6 after their father's funeral when they suddenly saw four mutant turtles from childhood including Alice's turtle Donatello and Alice then fell in love with her childhood turtle Donatello. 2016: Two years later, Alice has apparently returned to Channel 6 with April, although she and April also acts as the Turtles' 'human contacts', such as discreetly observing Baxter Stockman to confirm his ties to the Foot      

Voice Actor: Emily Rudd (Adult),Mackenzie Foy (Child)
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December 16, 2017
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